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Custom Metal Fabrication and Welding Services

Get metal fabrication and repair services customized to your project’s needs through Fischer Welding. By working with us, you’ll see results, ensure safety, and produce top-of-the-line equipment, all for a competitive price. 

Discuss your needs with our team. Call us at 612-790-2356 or email us at to schedule a meeting.

High-Quality Parts and Components

Off-the-shelf metal parts and components may suffice for common-variety products and projects, but they’re not going to be enough when you need higher-quality results. For those times, you need custom sheet metal fabrication to get the durability and attention to detail your project requires. 

Guarantee results by working with Fischer Welding. We provide custom fabrication and welding services to give you exactly what you need on time and within budget. You’ll ensure your product or project’s quality and safety through our team of experts.

The Fischer Welding Difference

Get a high-quality end product with our custom design and steel fabrication techniques.

Improved Product Performance

Ready-made parts will give you decent results, but they’re not optimized for your project’s specifications. With custom metal fabrication from Fischer Welding, however, you get parts made to meet your needs. This allows you to produce products with better overall performance.

Wide Range of Metals

Different types of metals have different properties, so having a choice in material is critical to optimizing your product’s performance. Your choices are limited with ready-made parts, but not when you work with us. Our team utilizes advanced equipment to work with various materials.

Cost-Effective Products

By working with Fischer Welding for custom sheet metal fabrication, you get high-performance parts at competitive prices. We maintain good working relationships with our material suppliers. This allows us, and you by extension, to take advantage of trade deals. Better performance at great prices means more revenue.

A Team That Cares

When you choose Fischer Welding, you’re not just outsourcing metal fabrication to a company that has nothing to do with you. You’re entrusting your project to a passionate team that’s genuinely interested in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Our metal fabricators and welders bring amazing creativity, attention to detail, and workmanship to each job they take on. You’ll get custom solutions and personalized customer service to help your project go as smoothly as possible. 

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Improve your project’s quality while staying within budget through Fischer Welding’s custom metal fabrication and repair services. Work with our team to get solutions tailored to your needs and maximize your chances of success.

Set up a meeting with our team. Call us at 612-790-2356 or email us at to talk about how we can help you. 

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